“Forex Fusion” – continues to profit

Forex Fusion Live Results

I was checking through my demo accounts wondering if there was anything I could write about here and I came across Forex Fusion.

Now, before I start let me explain that Forex Fusion is no longer on sale; you can’t get it anywhere. But I have a little surprise for you at the end.

I bought Forex Fusion late 2009. It was the first robot I had come across that published live results, and as they were showing a profit I couldn’t really not buy it.

Long story short: a few weeks after installing it on my live account (yes, I know!) it started to lose money and I quickly took it off and moved it to a demo account. It continued to lose money and I eventually put it to one side (I had passed the 60-day guarantee period) and forgot about it.

However, in July I revisited some of the robots I had put to one side, and I resurrected some, including Forex Fusion, onto demo accounts. To my surprise Forex Fusion started to make a profit.

Forex Fusion is a robot that includes 5 different robots:

  1. HiRider
  2. Neg Correlation
  3. LMD Multicurrency
  4. SuperVolcano
  5. Straasha System

The Straasha System robot never made any trades. Neg Correlation has made 5 in the two months I have been re-testing. LMD Multicurrency and SuperVolcano have lost money. So over time I have disabled the ones that weren’t working or were losing money and I have been left with HiRider.

This did not come as a huge surprise as I have a robot running on my live account called HiRider Modified, which is based on the original HiRider that was part of the Forex Fusion robot. HiRider modified is one of 3 robots I have been running on my live account and is the only one left as the others started losing money (I will probably move them onto demo accounts some time).

So, as you can see, it’s not always a good thing to give up on a robot, even if you have been testing it for the guarantee period and it still hasn’t made a profit. Some robots take a while to “Bed in”, especially ones that look back at previous trends and results. Of course if you run one on a demo account at it wipes out the account in under 60 days, then definitely get a refund. If it is losing overall, but not too badly it might be worth while keeping it on test for longer.

Anyway, here’s my surprise – I am offering a FREE copy of a Breakout System to all of my newsletter subscribers. You can subscribe at the top right hand side of any page on this website. Of course I don’t guarantee anything as it is FREE, nor will I provide any support (I may answer questions if I have time). But you do have the link to the live results (check the date at the top of the statement) so you can see for yourself at the time you read this, whether it is profitable or not.

Note: At the time of writing the account has never dropped below the initial deposit.

2 comments to “Forex Fusion” – continues to profit

  • rcharrington

    Hi Doran

    You get the free EA as soon as you sign up for the newsletter.



  • rcharrington

    The HiRider.dll file has some code in it that looks like malware. This is called a “fals positive”. I have submitted this to the anti-virus community and it should eventually stop being flagged. In the meantime you can exclude it from your av software (don’t asdk me how as all av programs are different – just use the help system).

    I have been using HiRider since January and have had no problems.

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