“Automated Pips” Forex Robot – Scam Analysis

Yesterday I received an email about a new robot called Automated Pips.

It looked like a good candidate for this website, so I went onto their sales page and had a look.

Unfortunately the website is copyrighted, so I cannot reproduce any of it here. So what I suggest is that you go onto the site so that you can follow my discussion.

The link is http://www.automatedpips.com/?hop=rcharrin (this will open in a new window).

Here’s what I found:

First of all, right at the top of the page it says:

“……Blows The Whistle On Massive Forex SCAMS AND LIES……”

Reading the rest of the page I see no further mention of this – it is just set there to grab your attention.

Then comes the video where the guy states there are 5 years of real-money trading results. After 30 seconds the sound dies and we are treated to over 2 minutes of an indistinct graph which really shows us nothing. When the sound starts again, we are told the “actual profits” made on autopilot. We do not see any proof of earnings, not that the results are with real-money accounts.

Another video follows which talks more about the profits made. After 45 seconds theree is no more sound and the video scrolls through a statement, which may or may not be real, for the rest of the 2 minutes and 55 seconds.

Scroll down the page a little further and we see “See Undeniable PROOF Of  Live Real-Money Trades On Video  (All In Just Minutes)…”. This is simply a lie, as there is no proof AT ALL, anywhere on this page.

Further down, yet another video which is supposed to show 3 winning trades of $500 each – a total of $1,500. All you see is a graph with 3 “blobs” on it. You can’t see the prices, the dates or even the currency pair that is being traded. And, once again, the sound dies after about 45 seconds.

Finally we see something that looks promising: statements from different accounts for different currenct pairs. We also see the claim that these are “Not a Backtest! Not a Simulation! Not a Demo Account!”. There are two conclusions we can make following these claims: 1) they are Real Money accounts (which is what we are supposed to assume) or 2) that they are just made up. Unfortunately, if you scroll down the statements you will see that they are certainly not live, as the latest trade is 17th September, and there is no link to take you to any genuine published account.

Note: If you get bored with all this, scroll to near the bottom where I will describe what I found when I clicked the Add To Cart button

After that we get a load of “blurb” followed by the old favorites, screen shots with annotations! As we know, screen shots prove only that the person is capable of taking screen shots and annotating them.

So, by this point, even if we skipped the videos to keep to our 20 second check, I think the conclusion is pretty obvious.

But for the purposes of this post I am going to continue to look at the rest of the page.

Another video headed “The Ultimate Real Money Live Forex Trading Proof – Raw Unedited Video Of The Automatic Pips System Making Profit-Pulling Trades“. Although the sound lasts for 55 seconds this time, that is irrelevant. You see, to see a results chart in the trading platform MetaTrader 4, which is what these robots run on, you have to be running the strategy tester. The strategy tester runs on historical data, so is NOT LIVE. As it’s not live, it’s not actuall making real trades, so will not be using REAL MONEY. Later on in the video it shows wins of $1000, which seems great, but he is using a lot size of 20, or around $240 per pip, not too much of a problem on an account of over half a million dollars (which this test is showing) but scaled down to a reaistic starting balance of $1000 we would need to divide by 500 (roughly), so would be looking at a lot size of 0.04 per trade which would make the wins around 50 cents each!! I could go into this further, but would risk getting too technical for the prurposes of this website.

So, some more blurb follows where he slates other robots and their wild claims(!) and we come to another “Live Real Money Trading Account” statement, which IS NOT LIVE as the last trade shown is on 17th September, so could just be a “doctored” spreadsheet.

Below that some more annotated screen shots of graphs with blobs on; some screen shots of account summaries; another “Live Statement” which is actually a duplicate of the previous one; more blurb.

Then we come to the bonuses. If the robot is any good, there would be no need for bonuses. Do away with bonuses and give us LIVE PROOF!

Sorry, got carried away there!

Then we finally hit the 60 day guarantee (see my page on refunds, if you haven’t already). Interestingly he adds his own guarantee that he will give you a refund plus $100 if you don’t make money. Well, it would be worth giving it a go just for that.

Phew! After 2,542 words, or 18 A4 pages of content, we finally come to the price. As usual on these things it’s really worth thousands of dollars (well, just under a thousand apparently) but it’s yours for a measely $77 (7 is a special number in marketing psychology which is why you will often see prices online and elsewhere that end with the number 7) for a limited time only….etc, etc.

But that’s not the end! If you decide to read on, there’s more waffle and a video supposedly made by a beta tester. The guy explains that he is showing several $500 wins he recently made. However, if you look closer you will see that the account balance is almost $5 million!

Anyway, partly for my subscribers and partly because I wanted to see if I would get the $100 over and above my refund if it didn’t work, I hit the Add To Cart button.

I’m not sure if you have come across “upsells” before, but they are where you buy one thing, then get sent to another page where you are assured that if you buy the “ultimate” package, you will see bigger and faster profits (or whatever). It is not uncommon to find upsells in Forex Robot sales, and sometimes there will be two upsells, usually and enhanced version and a monthly update of the setting.

With Automated Pips you get FOUR upsells.


But it doesn’t end there. If you decline an upsell, you get to another page which offers you the same upsell for a “bargain” price. So, after buying what you intended to buy, you have to scroll down to the bottom of 8 new web pages in order to decline (or buy, if you are so inclined) each upsell before you get the the page where you can download the initial purchase.

The strange thing is that, when you finally get to the download page it has links that enable you to download all four upsells, whether you have bought them or not!

Well, that was a long haul wasn’t it? What are your conclusions? Is this a scam or not? As you know I have bought the robot and will be publishing the LIVE test results (on a demo account of course) in my newsletter. Sign up to my newsletter if you haven’t already, so that you can see how this one performs over the next couple of months.

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